Western City
Guest rooms
Entertainment, hire of venue and guestrooms
Sunday 20 st of may open season touristique, animation and country sangers (see web page: western-city-evenement).


A saloon like in the most famous western moves, stables where riders can rent horses, the Prospector’s office, Sheriff's office, the Gambler, Wells Fargo, the Western City Bank, a Trading Post, a Blacksmith, in summer, indian teepees and above all, real cowboys and cowgirls.

Crystal palace

Crystal Palace is not just a simple place, but a real western style universe to organize your birthday parties, wedding, company reunions or any other meeting. An unforgettable and original moment in the vicinity of Liege. Crystal Palace, it's an extraordinary saloon, a real saloon coming right from the old american times, with modern comfort and facilities.


Come and stay for a night or two in one of our western-style rooms or flats.


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